Distance Healing

A good friend of mine who has been dabbling in Reiki for a while, once did some ‘distance healing’ on me. Apparently, I was quite receptive until he mentioned fairy dust, to which my energetic self responded with a kind of spiritual ‘up yours’… I hope now I’d be more open to a bit of fairy dust, especially at this festive time of year.
With Christmas and the new year on the doorstep, there’s plenty of talk of sending prayers, thoughts and best wishes to loved ones and those less fortunate – distance healing in its most simple form. It’s said that energy healing can be accomplished in at a distance just as easily as in person. So how does it work?

Our bodies, minds and spirits are all made up of energy rather than solid matter. Some have described the ‘life energy’ used by healers as a subtle energy that is faster than light energy. Many of us have felt a kind of telepathic connection with someone else, where we sense what is happening with them. An energy healer doing distance healing can sense the healee’s energy in the same way. The healer will often use an object to bring them into closer contact with the healee – maybe a photograph or personal item.

If you feel like sending some good vibes out to those you love this Christmas, go right ahead. You can’t do any harm if you have the right intention – just remember, when it comes to fairy dust, less is more…

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