Hyp-Yoga: The Perfect Combination?

I just treated myself to the most wonderful relaxation massage. I’m 20 weeks pregnant at the moment – halfway through and grumpy about cramps in my calves and a sore back. So it was about time for a pamper.

Laying there, belly cushioned, I felt completely relaxed for the first time in ages. On the massage table, I made a pact with myself to do more of the things that make me feel that way. I floated back to my desk to find an email about a new phenomenon that’s sweeping the US – Hyp-Yoga.

Created by three female certified hypnotists and yoga instructors, Hyp-Yoga sessions start with breathing exercises followed by a series of yoga poses combined with positive hypnotic suggestions. The idea is to use yoga to open up the body and heart and then use a whole body relaxation technique to induce a deeper state of hypnosis. The focus is on helping you achieve your personal goals and living a healthy, successful life.

Being a US-based practice, the Hyp-Yoga website is a little skewed to weight loss and looking younger, but it still sounds like a delicious combination and perfectly in line with my newly created pact. Can’t wait for it to hit our shores. Let me know if you’ve heard anything.

In the meantime, I’m starting pre-natal yoga at Balaclava’s Yoga Moves next week after a whole year off… wish me luck!

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