Being epic

Since December 2011, I have mostly been procrastinating. As you can see, I’m actually very good at it. I have incredible staying power when it comes to putting things off. I’ve been waiting you see. Waiting for a better job to come along, waiting for inspiration, waiting for the kids to get a bit older, waiting until I’ve got more money/time/energy/alcohol…

Then I read a blog post by author/blogger Johnny B Truant called the universe doesn’t give a flying fuck about you (that everyone else I’ve spoken to since seems to have read “years ago” but whatever – I’ve been busy, procrastinating). So JBT gave me a great big slap in the face and told me that whatever shit I’m currently drowning in is all my fault and that I will die actually quite soon and I need to start being epic right now. Now. Not tomorrow or next week or when I have time but NOW.

So I procrastinated a little more and read some more JBT. He slapped me in the face a bit more with choice comments like: “What are you so fucking worried about?… You have but a nanosecond on the universal clock to do whatever it is you’re going to do. When that time is gone, it’s gone. Forever.” Then I downloaded a couple of apps to help me get organised. Then I blogged. Ok, it may not be quite as awesome as I’d pictured (daydreaming – more procrastinating), but I’m back on the blogging wagon and it feels pretty effing epic. 


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