Down to Earth

The best thing about summer is the food. I love basil and tomatoes, mangoes and peaches, berries and cherries and chillies.

But what I love most is feasting on food I’ve grown myself. 

The problem is that I’ve got a concrete backyard so I’m limited to a few pots and hanging baskets. I’ve also got decidedly un-green fingers.

But with the festive season leaving the family and me a bit out of whack, I did some research and found I could plant my way to better health. The ibook Grow Your Own Medicine: A Guide to Growing Health-Giving Plants in Your Own Backyard by Mim Biem has inspired me to give gardening another go.

So here’s a run down of the nourishing herbs and foods I’ll be attempting to grow in Bec’s backyard. 

Basil – goes with almost everything, but is also a powerful antispasmodic, antiviral, antibacterial stomach soother. 
Chilli – improves blood sugar levels, heart health and boosts circulation.
Fennel – aids nausea, bloating and helps digestion. The seeds are the richest source. 
Garlic – strengthens the immune system, good for blood circulation, colds and flu.
Lavender – soothes and calms (not a food I hear you cry? Try lavender scones – they’re delicious).
Mint – great for digestion, circulation and nausea.
Parsley – good for liver function, boosting the immune system and a source of iron and vitamin A.
Rosemary – antiseptic, antibacterial, cleansing and detoxes the body, supports the liver and combats cirrhosis.
Strawberries – full of antioxidants that also help to lower blood sugar levels.
Tomatoes – full of vitamin C as well as lycopene, which can prevent certain types of cancer.

By growing your own you’re being nurturing your body, your tastebuds, your planet and your wallet. What are you waiting for? Get down and dirty.

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