Beating the Monday blues

It’s Monday again and I’ve got that sinking feeling. I’m tired and grumpy and the week’s barely begun. Thing is, everyone around me seems to be feeling the same…

Well apparently a study by Flinders University has discovered a cure for the Monday morning blues – stop sleeping in at the weekend.

Apparently our lazy Saturday and Sunday lie-ins, a must for most of us who need to catch up on sleep lost during the week, are messing with our body clocks.

The research team tested the theory by tracking 16 people over a weekend, asking them to go to bed a little later than they would on a weeknight, but sleeping in for an extra two hours.

By comparing saliva samples and hormone tests, the team found participants’ body clocks had been delayed by 45 minutes, making them much sleepier than usual the next day. This was because the subjects’ circadian rhythms – which determine patterns of alertness and tiredness – had been disturbed, creating an effect similar to jet lag.

By mid-week, most of us manage to get back on track but then we start staying up later, getting into ‘sleep debt’ again and perpetuating the cycle.

See my posts on the chi cycle, jet lag and insomnia for some handy hints on beating tiredness and sleep deprivation. Happy Monday!

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