Breathe to Relieve

A bad day at work, traffic jam or an argument with a loved one can be enough to have us pulling our hair out. But stress and anxiety can be tricky to deal with, especially for the time (and cash) poor.

Breathing exercises are a great way to release tension. Slowing down your breathing short circuits the stress response, giving your brain the message that everything is ok.

This basic breathing technique may help you manage everyday stress and can even be practiced while sitting at your desk.

  • Close your eyes, focusing your attention inwards, and straighten your spine.
  • Place your hands on your ribcage.
    With every inhalation feel the expansion of the front, side and back of your ribcage. 
  • With every exhalation slowly contract your ribcage. 
  • Imagine you are drawing energy into your whole body with every inhalation. 
  • With every exhalation, visualise letting go of tension in your body.

Life is fast paced, but this breathing exercise can take you out of your head and bring you back into your body, making you feel grounded again. Best of all, it’s free! Try it for just a couple of minutes a day; surely we can all spare ourselves that?

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