Chi Cycle Healing

I’ve been reading a lot recently about nutrition (being three months pregnant has made my life revolve around food. My old passions of wine, cheese and socialising seem to be out of the question now I’m constantly tired and prone to heartburn!)

Jost Sauer, a Queensland-based author, acupuncturist and speaker, has written some great articles on traditional Chinese medicine and getting in sync with the body’s natural processes. Albeit sporadically, I’ve been trying to live by his chi cycle over the past week and I can honestly say that I’m feeling more energised.

Chi means universal life force energy and the cycle is all about achieving optimum balance. Here are the basics if you feel like giving it a go:

  • 5-7am. Organ = Large intestine. Intent = Transform. Actions = Get up, drink water, evacuate bowels, stretch, meditate, exercise.
  • 7-9am. Organ = Stomach. Intent = Balance. Actions = Be sweet to yourself, eat breakfast, arrive, become real.
  • 9-11am. Organ = Spleen. Intent = Develop. Actions = Act, make decisions, work hard, think, communicate, achieve.
  • 11am-1pm. Organ = Heart. Intent = Communion. Actions = Articulate vision and purpose, access your soul, spread the love.
  • 1pm-3pm. Organ = Small intestine. Intent = Refine. Actions = have lunch, go slow, ride the wave.
  • 3pm-5pm. Organ = Bladder. Intent = Alliance. Actions = Put cruise control on, go with the flow, feel the power.
  • 5-7pm. Organ = Kidneys. Intent = Embrace. Actions = Switch off, acknowledge strength and skills, have sex, share a laugh.
  • 7-9pm. Organ = Pericardium. Intent = Protect. Actions = Come home, feel safe, nurture, be yourself, be creative, have dinner.
  • 9pm-11pm. Organ = San Jiao. Intent = Passage. Actions = Go to bed, go to sleep.

What a perfect day… find more info on the chi cycle and chi cycle healing at Jost Sauer’s website.

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