Work/Life Balanced?

As 2011 comes to an end, I’ve been thinking about the ‘work/life balance’ phenomenon. What is it? Where can I get it? And how can I keep hold of it?
Right now, my scales are tipped heavily towards ‘work’ and I’m feeling somewhat undernourished in the ‘life’ department (family, friends, exercise, spirituality and fun).
Failing to achieve the elusive work/life equilibrium was beginning to make me feel, well, like a failure! So I was relieved when I stumbled across Michael Van Osch, a coach, author and speaker who believes that ‘work/life balance’ is total fallacy.
With a mere 20% of us feeling truly fulfilled by our work, it’s no wonder that ‘balance’ feels unattainable. Instead, Van Osch suggests we shift our focus to ‘alignment’; aligning who we are – our passions, strengths, preferences and goals – with what we do for a living.
This makes perfect sense to me. Delving into my work history has been a little painful, but I’ve discovered that I feel happy, energised and fulfilled when I’m able to work creatively and autonomously on projects that feel ‘worthwhile’ in an environment where I feel valued.
Simple eh? Maybe not, but it’s given me something to work towards. This week I’ve resumed both my yoga practice and writing this blog. These small but significant steps haven’t brought me to alignment quite yet, but they’re definitely taking me in the right direction.
How ‘aligned’ are you? I’d love to hear your insights, thoughts and tips.

One comment

  1. Bec, you must be psychic! I was only thinking a few days ago I must get back to your blog and show you mine…The work/life balance is a constant struggle so thanks for your insights, beautifully written as ever. Hope you are all well in sunny aus.
    Love bella xx

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