Pain Free with Mint Tea

Us ex-pats from the UK, already know that a cup of tea can cure anything from a common cold to a broken heart. But now there’s some medical evidence to suggest that a cuppa really can ease the pain.

Brazilian mint, also known as hyptis crenata, has long been used by traditional healers to treat ailments such as the flu, stomach problems, high fevers, and headaches.

But now a study by English (yes, of course English) researchers at Newcastle University, led by Graciela Rocha, has proven scientifically  that Brazilian mint is a safe and powerful pain reliever.

In experiments with mice, the study found that Brazilian mint tea was as effective as some synthetic drugs such as Indometacin, a synthetic drug similar to aspirin. “Now the next step is to find out how and why the plant works,” said Rocha.

Rocha and her colleagues plan to launch clinical trials to assess Brazilian mint’s pain relief qualities in people.


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